General chemistry II

Professor David Lee PHILLIPS   裴達偉 講座教授
Chair Professor
B.Sc. (Iowa); Ph.D. (UC Irvine); Postdoctoral (Rochester)
Room 104, Hui Oi Chow Science Building
(852) 2859 2160

Research Topics:   Time-resolved spectroscopy, Reactive intermediates and reaction mechanisms, Water assisted reactions, Photoredox reactions, Photodeprotection, Photoactivated cancer therapy and drug delivery

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Dr. Angela Pui-Ling TONG   湯佩玲
Associate Professor of Teaching, Associate Head of Department (Teaching)
B.Sc., Ph.D., PCEd (HKU), SFHEA
Room 602, Chong Yuet Ming Chemistry Building
(852) 3917 7918

Dr. Seungkyu LEE
Assistant Professor
B.Sc. (SKKU); M.Sc. (KAIST); Ph.D. (UC Berkeley); Postdoctoral (Northwestern)
Room 107, Hui Oi Chow Science Building
(852) 3910 2194

Research Topics: Inorganic Chemistry, Materials Chemistry, Metal-Organic Frameworks, Covalent Organic Frameworks, Nanotechnology, Hydrogen Storage, Energy Storage, and X-ray Crystallography

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