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The Department of Chemistry has established an agreement for an undergraduate student exchange programme with Department of Chemistry of National University of Singapore (NUS) to provide students doing chemistry major or intensive chemistry major with opportunities to do exchange study for a semester or a year at Department of Chemistry at NUS.


For more information, please visit this link.



The Department of Chemistry has set up an annual program to nominate and arrange for a limited number of outstanding undergraduate students to conduct summer research at the Department of Chemistry at Imperial College London from July to August.  The students will obtain financial support under the Faculty of Science’s Overseas Research Fellowship. The students will also be admitted to an intensive training to prepare them for doing research abroad.


Up to 4 year 3 students will be accepted to the program in the summer of 2023.  Students will be selected based on their grades in chemistry courses, the number of chemistry courses taken, and their motivation to do independent research, through an application and an interview.


Deadline for application:  December 30, 2022


Information and application instructions are found at this link.


Details of Faculty’s Overseas Research Fellowship are found at this link.



Professional Development for Chemistry Majors

Newcastle University, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK

  Self Photos / Files - Newcastle


DATE:  MARCH 8-21, 2020 (Semester 2 Reading Week + following week)


NEWCASTLE UNIVERSITY was ranked 20th in the world in the Times Higher Education Golden Age University Rankings 2018.  Newcastle University achieved the best possible Gold Award in the Teaching Excellence Framework.

Providing the Best Professionals:  Newcastle University has long-standing relationships with a range of regional, national and international businesses, including Nissan, Siemens, Procter and Gamble, GSK and Northumbrian Water. The University understands that it is not just about students gaining an excellent degree but that they learn the ‘soft’ skills they will need to start their journey into the world of work.


Information about Newcastle University:


Chemistry major students selected for this program are eligible for Faculty of Science Experiential Learning Fund** subsidy of up to $10,000 on a reimbursement basis.

To be eligible for this program and its subsidy, participating students must have a valid visa/entry requirements to the UK, and:

  1. Be on their first Faculty experiential learning funded activity in Area 2;**
  2. Attend a pre-trip briefing session (~2 weeks before Reading week);
  3. Commit to participate fully in all scheduled activities punctually;
  4. Communicate with all members only in English while on this trip;
  5. Engage fully with local program organizers, student ambassadors, speakers;
  6. Write daily reflections and a final essay.
  • The unscheduled time is free time
  • Students will need to make their own arrangements for the week of missed classes


Quota:  maximum of 12 students who have already declared Chemistry as a major

Selections will be based on applicants’ experience and motivations; an interview may be required

GPA:  No minimum requirement

Costs:  Shared accommodations (check in March 8, check out March 21) at about £300 for 2 weeks

            Round trip flight to Newcastle

            Living expenses (food, meals, etc)


Question and Answer Session (optional):  January 20, 1:30 -2:30 pm in Room G03

Submit application form:  December 23, 2019-January 21, 2020, 5:00 pm to with Subject line: #Newcastle2020

Interviews, if any, should be expected on January 22, 2020


**Each BSc student is eligible for up to one funding support for attending experiential learning activities in Mainland China (Area 1) AND one funding support for overseas experiential learning activities in Area 2a or Area 2b from the Faculty throughout his/her study.


For application form, please download from here.


For a summary of the 2018 Professional Development for Chemistry Majors at Newcastle University experience, please see this link.

From June 30 - August 6, 2020 (6 weeks), up to six chemistry major students will be selected to go to Korea University to study 3 academic courses each, which may be credited for courses at HKU, with support from the Faculty Experiential Learning Fund.  Korea University will award additional scholarships to those students who achieved excellent grades in their courses.  


Korea University is ranked second among the comprehensive universities in Korea.  Students will live on campus in the dormitories.  Every weekend students also have chances to participate in cultural events.  Studying along are students and teachers from all over the world, not only Korea.  Internship opportunities are available (selected by Korea University).


The objectives of this program are:


  • To study science and/or broadening courses in an international setting
  • To reflect upon a different culture and compare it with our own situation in Hong Kong, and to reflect on our personal growth
  • To observe and reflect upon the growth of science-related industries in Korea; and  the landscape of science education in Korea


Program content

  • Three six-credit academic courses that may be obtained for credit at HKU
  • Participate in Korean cultural activities
  • Keep a personal reflection journal
  • Attend briefing on Korean history and culture
  • Field trip to visit universities and/or Korean industries (tentative)


GPA:  Minimum 2.0/4.0, and Internship requires GPA 3.0/4.5 or above


For a summary of the 2018 Chemistry Majors Study trip at Korea University International Summer Campus experience, please see this link.


Information on Application details and Q&A session will be available later, stay tuned!