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Chemistry is the science describing matter and its transformations. It holds the key to making new materials, creating revolutionary drugs, developing sensors, exploring alternative energy, and understanding and controlling material properties of all kinds, etc. Studying Chemistry will give you not only subject-specific knowledge but also useful skills such as numerical, analytical, research and problem-solving skills, plus the teamwork and communication skills. These skills can be applied in any role in your future career.


The Department has a strong team of world-class scientists who have strong commitment to providing quality teaching and are devoted to nurturing our new generation.  Our mission is to train students to develop independent thinking and creativity for innovation as well as acquiring academic rigor and professional skills in chemical science.  The department also provides internationalization opportunities for students to explore chemistry-related careers through workshops and industry visits organized by world top universities. 


Click here for further information -> Chemistry Leaflet (2022 – 2023)


HKU BSc Chemistry Curriculum can help students to


  • Take up various positions, e.g. as a researcher, in industrial quality control, in environmental assessment, in teaching, patent law, in business, and in medicine and health care, etc;
  • Lay a solid foundation for other related science subjects, e.g. biology, food and nutritional sciences, physics, biochemistry, ecology, environmental science, earth sciences, sport sciences, etc;
  • Develop an analytical mind, logical thinking, organizational skills;
  • Understand the science involved in other areas of inquiries, intersecting with economics, political and health issues; and
  • Apply scientific knowledge and skills in real life situations.


Two Options for the BSc Chemistry Major 


Two options are available to students:

  • Regular Chemistry Major Curriculum (96 credits)
  • Intensive Chemistry Major Curriculum (*RSC Accredited Chemistry Programme; 144 credits)

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* Our Intensive Chemistry Major curriculum has been accredited by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), a world leading professional association for chemistry. The RSC accreditation of our programme is a strong recognition of the excellent standards and high quality education that the Department of Chemistry offers. We are the first university in Hong Kong to receive the RSC accreditation for a BSc Chemistry Programme. 


We also offer internationalization opportunities for our students:

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