Research and KE

Awards and Recognitions

Awards and Recognitions

  • Hong Kong Research Grants Council - Research Assessment Exercise

    2014 Ranked No. 1 Department of Chemistry in Hong Kong
    2006 Ranked No. 1 Department of Chemistry in Hong Kong
    1999 Ranked No. 1 Department of Chemistry in Hong Kong
  • Croucher Senior Research Fellows

    2018-2019 Professor Xuechen LI
    2016-2017 Professor Guanhua CHEN
    2010-2011 Professor Kwong Yu CHAN, Professor Hongzhe SUN
    2006-2007 Professor David Lee PHILLIPS
    2003-2004 Professor Wing-tak WONG
    2001-2002 Professor Dan YANG
    2000-2001 Professor Vivian Wing-Wah YAM
    1997 Professor Chi-Ming CHE
  • Founding Member of the Hong Kong Academy of Sciences

    2015 Professor Chi-Ming CHE
    2015 Professor Vivian Wing-Wah YAM
  • Ten Outstanding Young Persons Awards

    2004 Professor Dan YANG
    2002 Professor Vivian Wing-Wah YAM
  • Elected Member of the Hong Kong Young Academy of Sciences

    2019 Professor Xuechen LI
  • Croucher Innovation Award

    2019 Dr. Yufeng WANG
    2016 Dr. Ho Yu AU-YEUNG
  • HKU Distinguished Research Achievement Awards

    2006-2007 Professor Vivian Wing-Wah YAM
    1999-2000 Professor Chi-Ming CHE
  • HKU Outstanding Research Student Supervisor Award

    2012-2013 Professor Hongzhe SUN
    2002-2003 Professor Wing-tak WONG
  • HKU Outstanding Researcher Awards

    2017-2018 Professor Xuechen LI
    2011-2012 Professor Kwong Yu CHAN
    2009-2010 Professor Hongzhe SUN
    2007-2008 Professor Wing-tak WONG
    2005-2006 Professor David Lee PHILLIPS
    2002-2003 Professor Dan YANG
    1999-2000 Professor Vivian Wing-Wah YAM
  • HKU Outstanding Teaching Award (OTA) of the Teaching Excellence Award Scheme (TEAS)

    2019 Professor Pauline CHIU
    2011 Dr. Angela Pui-Ling TONG
  • HKU Outstanding Young Researcher Awards

    2019-2020 Dr. Ho Yu AU-YEUNG
    2016-2017 Dr. Jinyao TANG
    2015-2016 Dr. David Xiang LI
    2013-2014 Dr. Xuechen LI
    2007-2008 Dr. Patrick Henry TOY
    2004-2005 Professor Hongzhe SUN
    2003-2004 Professor Wai-Kin CHAN
    2001-2002 Professor GuanHua CHEN
    2000-2001 Professor Wing-tak WONG
    1999-2000 Professor David Lee PHILLIPS
    1999-2000 Professor Dan YANG
  • HKU Research Output Prize

    2007 Professor Pauline CHIU