Rayson Huang Visiting Lectureship in Chemistry

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In 1986, friends and colleagues of the late Dr Rayson Huang (Vice-Chancellor of the University 1972-1986) established the “Rayson Huang Endowment Fund” on the occasion of his retirement, to establish visitorships and scholarships in his name.

Since 1987, the Rayson Huang Visiting Lectureship in Chemistry has been awarded annually to a distinguished researcher in the field of Chemistry.  Early awardees were chemists with interests in the field of free radical chemistry, which had been the research field of Prof. Huang.  However, the Lectureship award has since included prominent chemists from all fields, who have been invited to visit the Department of Chemistry for up to one month to participate in the teaching and research activities of the Department, and to deliver a public lecture as the highlight of the visit.