Date 25 Jan 2024
Time 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm (HKT)
Venue Lecture theatre P2, Chong Yuet Ming Physics Building
Speaker Prof. Hui Ming GE
Institution School of Life Science (Deputy Dean),
Nanjing University

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Discovery and biosynthesis of microbial natural products



Date: 25th January, 2024 (Thursday)

Time: 5 - 6 pm (HKT) 


Venue: Lecture Theatre P2, Chong Yuet Ming Physics Building



Prof. Hui Ming GE

School of Life Science (Deputy Dean)

Nanjing University



Hui Ming Ge is a Professor at the School of Life Sciences at Nanjing University. Dr. Ge studied biology at Nanjing University, obtaining his bachelor's degree in 2002 and Ph.D. in 2007. He did his postdoc at Nanjing University (School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering) on the total synthesis of natural products and at the Scripps Research Institute (Department of Chemistry) on the biosynthesis of natural products. His current research at Nanjing University focuses on the discovery and biosynthesis of complex natural products. He was awarded the National Outstanding Young Scholar award in 2015 and the National Distinguished Young Scholar Program award in 2019 from NSFC. He was honored with the CSJ Distinguished Lectureship Award by the Chemical Society of Japan in 2019, and received the 16th China Youth Science and Technology Award in 2020.



Natural products, due to their complex structures and remarkable biological functions, have become an important source for the development of clinical drugs. The formation of natural products relies on a series of intricate chemical reactions catalyzed by enzymes. This report will focus on elucidating the biosynthetic processes of natural products, including polyketides and terpenoids, particularly highlighting the enzymatic mechanisms behind the intricate chemical reactions. In addition, this report will discuss the rapid discovery of new natural products through a biosynthetic mechanism-based genome mining strategy.