We are a young research group at the University of Hong Kong. Our interest is in supramolecular chemistry and molecular recognition. Please visit the Research page for more information about our chemistry. Interested students are welcome to enquire available positions and discuss possible projects.  See more.


04 Oct 2019



24 Sep 2019



21 Sep 2019




19 Sep 2019


17 Sep 2019



12 Sep 2019


- A paper from a collaborative work with the group of Dr. Aixin Yan (SBS, HKU) that studies the interplay of zinc, copper and iron in E. Coli appeared in J. Biol. Chem.


- A paper entitled "Radial Hetero[5]catenanes: Peripheral Isomer Sequences of the Interlocked Macrocycles" is published in Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.


- Dr. Au-Yeung attended the 5th Quadrilateral Symposium on Coordination Chemistry 2019 in Japan and presented on “Selective Recognition and Detection of Catecholamines by a Copper-based Oxidation”.


- Penny and Matthew received the Outstanding Teaching Award from the Department of Chemistry.


- Dr. Au-Yeung visited Prof. Shionoya's group at the University of Tokyo and gave a presentation for the "Zasshihai" seminar.


- Welcome Chloe, Danny, Man Pang and Xudong to our group!



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