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24 Sep 2019



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6 May 2019



- A paper entitled "Radial Hetero[5]catenanes of Isomeric Peripheral Sequences of the Interlocked Macrocycles" is published in Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.


- Dr. Au-Yeung attended the 5th Quadrilateral Symposium on Coordination Chemistry 2019 in Japan and presented on “Selective Recognition and Detection of Catecholamines by a Copper-based Oxidation”.


- Penny and Matthew received the Outstanding Teaching Award from the Department of Chemistry.


- Dr. Au-Yeung visited Prof. Shionoya's group at the University of Tokyo and gave a presentation for the "Zasshihai" seminar.


- Welcome Chloe, Danny, Man Pang and Xudong to our group!


- The public science show performed in the Croucher Science Week is featured in the TVB programme "Innovation GPS (創科導航)".


- A paper entitled "Selective catecholamine detection in living cells by a copper-mediated oxidative bond cleavage" was published in Chem. Sci.


- A paper entitled "Synthesis of a [6]rotaxane with singly threaded γ-cyclodextrins as a single stereoisomer" was published in Beilstein J. Org. Chem.


- A paper entitled "Molecular recognition of organophosphorus compounds in water and inhibition of their toxicity to acetylcholinesterase" was published in Chem. Commun.


- Welcome all undergraduate 2019 summer internship students joining our group!


- We are now on Twitter!




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